Our Story

A Socks Brand Who Cares for The Planet

Hey, thank you so much for your interest in our products. This is Emma Shaw– A mother / minimalist / practitioner of a sustainable lifestyle.

As we all know, our planet has been facing growing problems with plastic waste. In our socks business, we don’t use plastic hooks, plastic tag string on our products. And we try our best to use less plastic in labels, packaging, and mailing while providing the high quality products and services. We use plastic-free paper boxes to containing your socks.

Happiness & Warmth Spreader

Inspired by continuous sock purchasing during parenthood, the colorful designs and materials have attracted us. We love seeing the happy faces when giving beautiful socks to our family and friends. Ideas come from our lives, art galleries, greenery in the garden, or the celebration of the special day. We are trying to spread happiness and warmth to everyone through these small but essential items–socks!

More Cotton

Cotton is no doubt the most comfortable and sustainable material for socks. The more cotton in socks, the more comfort they offer. Combed long-staple cotton fibers can provide extra durability and softness for the socks. That’s the material used in our socks.

Better Workmanship

Behind the beautiful and classy designs, our socks are made with double-cylinder circular knitting technology, which knits neater and smoother inner sides of socks. Our socks have a more durable structure because of no loose threads inside.

How we do it